Ningbo ShunTuo photoelectric was founded in 2017, has acquired Shun Kai photoelectric, Shun Zhan photoelectric, to this year Shun Tuo photoelectric has 30 SMT automatic placement line.
  Shun Tuo has management team and quality team which has 35 and 30 people , And it also has 18 equipment engineers and process engineer team, and about 320 employees.
  The Core team has more than 10 years experience in SMT industry.
   It Owns Panasonic NPM-D3\NPM-W\CM602 high-speed chip mounter, U.S. MPM, DEK full-automatic solder paste printing machine, dual-rail nitrogen reflow soldering, KOH YOUNG\Sitke SPI, TRI\JUTZE AOI and other SMT equipment, and X- RAY, two-dimensional code laser marking machine, automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, dispensing line, high-precision push-pull force meter and other supporting production and testing equipment.
  The main products: mobile phone camera module produces 45-50KK / month, with the production of 03015 package and 0.3PTICH BGA process equipment and process capabilities.
  It has 4,500 square 100,000 class constant temperature and humidity standard clean room.
  6S modern enterprise management mode: "standardization of on-site management, deployment of daily work, marking of materials, plant management, neatness of personnel, and normalization of safety management."
  By adhering to the strategy of internationalization and supporting angles, it will be refined, refined, far-reaching, and timely,  become the core supplier of SMT industry.